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Site Stone

Design team: Antonio Lapa, Paula Ribeiro, Rodrigo Uchoa
Copyright: Verônica Antunes

The challenge
In 2019, Stone had its first appearance on open TV (soap opera 'A Dona do Pedaço') and, for this, needed to revisit the structure and presentation of the site.

The project
In addition to appearing in the soap opera, the site had to buy the new business model of plans. Finally, digital products need to be easily understandable and navigable. The first session is dedicated to presenting or displaying new campaigns and brand positioning.

Testimonials are extremely important, especially if a company that has a degree of excellence in its service.

See the website ->

We went from 16th position in Google's organic search to 3rd.

Heatmap analysis

We notices that regardless of the page, the biggest portion of clicks was always seeking pricing - the one thing we were not showing anywhere.

Plans page
On the plans page, you create an experience to help you or your customer choose the plan that best fits the business in question.