More and more people are becoming self-taught, especially with the advancement of online tutorials. Given this context and considering my interest in the learning environment, which arouses my curiosity from the moment of the discovery of the content to the practice or teaching of what was absorbed, I developed PECULIAR.

The purpose of this project is to create a conducive and accessible environment to generate ideas, motivate the user to come up with them and assist in the growth of each person throughout the process.

My goal is to foster the development of people interested in design by creating an online environment that generates ideas for design exercises, enables the posting of each work done by the user, and provides exploration of self-paced learning platforms and video lessons.

Design exercises will be generated through a computational algorithm, producing both relevant and random inspirations. Each user is expected to feel challenged and motivated to resolve the proposed issues by noting how much is developing.

Being strange, different, proper or weird are characteristics that at first sight cause distancing. What is often forgotten is that running away from the ordinary and innovating are very longed for traits in a world where creativity is a protagonist. Much pleasure,

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The concept

“One ____ just like____, but for___”
One title just like example but for twist


  • One app just like tinder, but for family
  • One museum just like Tate Modern, but for artists
  • One startup just like SpaceX, but for cat lovers
  • One museum just like Louvre, but for data analysis

Design: Antonio Lapa
Teachers: André Beltrão & Julieta Sobral