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Fleet App

Design: Antonio Lapa, Karol Klabisch, Nino Strixner

Wunder Fleet is providing a white label app for their customers. This app makes the service for the end user available.

As Wunder Fleet is a vehicle agnostic platform, the white label app has to cover a variety of requirements for different types of sharing - from last mile transportation to long term rental to the rental of vans for movings.

The challenge is to provide the user with an experience that is as equally pleasing – regardless of whether he wants to rent a van or a bicycle.

1. Imagine you’re having an important presentation and you need to get a new beamer, since yours just broke. There is traffic jam in the city, so your car is not an option. By train you would have to change trains and walk from the station a long way to your destination. So you decide to rent a scooter through the app.

Launch Prototype: Scooter

2. You are a tourist in New York and have seen that there is a new e-bike sharing. Using Uber has turned out to be frustrating so far, because you were constantly stuck in traffic jams. So after visiting the museum you decide to take an e-bike to your hotel.

Launch Prototype: E-Bike

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