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Design team: Antonio Lapa, Paula Ribeiro, Rodrigo Uchoa

Copyright: Verônica Antunes

About the project

In 2019, Stone had its first appearance on open TV (soap opera 'A Dona do Pedaço') and, for this, needed to revisit the structure and presentation of the site.

In addition to appearing in the soap opera, the site had to buy the new business model of plans. Finally, digital products need to be easily understandable and navigable. The first session is dedicated to presenting or displaying new campaigns and brand positioning.

Testimonials are extremely important, especially if a company that has a degree of excellence in its service.

Competitive analysis

List of competitors

SEO - Ranking in Google

When we searched "Máquina de Cartão" (credit card machine) or "Maquininha de cartão" (little credit card machine) we were showing up just on the second page, 16th place in organic search.

Heat map analysis

We notices that regardless of the page, the biggest portion of clicks was always seeking pricing - the one thing we were not showing anywhere.


  • In our ‘Pricing' page we didn’t display any prices;
  • Clients then try going to more specifications;
  • Lastly they click even in non-clickable parts of the site;

Cold parts on the site

Almost no clicks in more institutional parts of the site.

Multiple teams and perspectives

We’ve organized a card sorting meeting in order have a clearer picture on how different teams thought about the structure of the website. Included in this discussion were designers, marketers, salespeople and directors.

Sketches & Wireframes

The first wireframes were built in collaboration with the same people present in the card sorting dynamic.

After the first rough wireframe we’ve moved on to a more visual sketch in order to gather some structured feedback inside the company.

At this point we had the price upfront in the home page but turned out that we had to restructure it in order to better sell.


The home page layout in the end had a section to talk about campaigns in the hero section and directly after a more data centric argument towards how the company performs in the market.

Then we have the key features of the main product (aquirer), accepted credit card brands, support service time and how long it takes to change a not working POS.

Following the flow, we have a section dedicated to the app experience and features.

Lastly we have a more institutional part.

Home page (part 1)
Home page (part 2)

Pricing page

On the plans page, we created an experience to help you or your customer choose the plan that best fits the business in question.


We went from 16th position in Google's organic search to 3rd.

Live website

Although some visual elements and some campaigns have changed, the structure remains mostly the same even after one and a half years.

Link to live website

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