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Receivables anticipation

Design: Antonio Lapa
Product: Gabriel Lima


In Brazil when we talk about credit card sales it means the salesperson will receive the money in one month’s time. One thing most companies do is provide a service of receivables anticipation, which means that the money goes to the business’ account the following day.

Most of the people that decide to receive automatically every sale in the following day forget to wipe out the rest of their current balance.

With this in mind, we analyzed the user journey and decided to put one simple step after the automatic anticipation has been set up:

Would you like to receive the rest of your money tomorrow as well?

The Modal

Decrease in decision time

With this change, we had a massive reduction in the customer decision time between setting up automatic receivable anticipation and receiving the rest due to the following months.

Expected revenue increase of +200%

We could observe an increase of revenue by over 200% before the changes had been made.

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