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Making support agents faster through a dedicated ticket navigation

Previous work that led to this initiative

The NavBar is a critical portal to the core functionalities in Gorgias. Views are accessed via the NavBar and therefore are a part of the product that agents interact with on a regular basis. When a new merchant starts using Gorgias, the NavBar serves as a source of first impressions therefore, we must be mindful of how the NavBar is configured by default.

With this in mind we have analysed how our customers have their views set up

Data analysis

With this data in mind, we found an interesting pattern: close to the totallity of our users had the same views set up so we decided to make it part of their default experience.

Before and after of a newly created account

Making support agents faster through a dedicated ticket navigation


  • Agents have resorted to opening tickets in multiple tabs in order to monitor activity. This need derives from the fact that agents are constantly jumping from multiple tickets at the same time.
  • A dedicated panel opens up the possibilities in the future to easily support sorting by SLA channel, etc.
  • We are mindful of the impact on screen real estate with the introduction of a new panel but both the NavBar and the new dedicated ticket panel will have adjustable. We also have designs for future iterations that allow us to completely collapse/hide the navbar. Usability testing showed us that this is not critical for the first release but it is available if we need it.
  • A dedicated ticket panel addresses existing complaints with the Chat & Messaging section by no longer limiting to 6 tickets


  • Navigating between tickets requires too many clicks and is generally an inefficient workflow.
  • This problem is more acute when agents have to handle multiple conversations, especially multiple chat conversations
  • Agents have no visibility into other tickets in a view while working inside of a ticket.
  • When an agent clicks into a view, the scroll progress does not save causing agents to have to repeatedly scroll down to find their spot
Previous experience


Provide agents an intuitive and efficient experience for monitoring and navigating between different tickets within the same View.

The solution

To solve the main pain point of handling tickets in a fast and smart manner, we chose to introduce a dedicated ticket anel so that people can navigate back-and-forth with ease.

Introduction of a dedicated ticket panel
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