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Banking App

Design Team: Antonio Lapa, Antonio Pires, Carolina Mender, Flavia Moreira, Julia Kattlemann, e Rafael Rodrigues

Copyright: Matheus Ferre


Back at the time I used to work for the (aqcuirer) customer’s dashboard – which involved a web instance as well as an iOS and Android app. Parallel to this there was another product being developed inside the company that was the banking app and the idea was to merge these two experiences into one. As you can imagine this poses quite some challenges regarding technology and how things are built, as well as design choices that need to be merged and also team culture and ways of working.

During the 3 months I was involved in this unified app the team and I had to run countless interviews with customers, a small component library had to be made in order to align on basic design choices, several batches of usability tests and some meetings on how to make it feasible. Everyone was involved in the conceptual and flow discussions.

The team

Competitive analysis

Stone in January
Stone in July

Sketches & initial prototype

The solution

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